SGP is a Los Angeles-based production company dedicated to producing innovative events in both Southern and Northern California. The company was founded by Siamak Ghahremani in 2004 with the aim of providing an unique experience for Iranian-Americans.

Siamak Ghahremani is a prominent leader in the Iranian-American community. He is an active and energetic cultural producer with a long list of innovative social, cultural, educational and charitable programs to his credit.

Perhaps most notably, Mr. Ghahremani co-founded and produces the annual Noor Iranian Film Festival (NIFF), the first Iranian film festival competition to occur outside of Iran. The festival has gained much recognition both inside and outside the Iranian American community, and has had various prominent judges in the past, such as Rainn Wilson, Francis Fisher, Reza Badiyi, Shaun Toub, Shohreh Aghdashloo, and Maz Jobrani, among many others.


His passion for film and cinema sparked as a child in Iran when he was captivated by this story telling medium and his childhood experiences have been a key factor in his involvement in this industry. His vision is to bring the festival to an international audience and to advocate for Iranians both in the US and abroad to share their unique narratives and cinematic talents with the world and to bridge the gap between Iranian and Non-Iranian communities.

Besides NIFF, Mr. Ghahremani has been the first in bringing talented Iranian musical acts to California including Yas, Abjeez, Sasy, and TM Bax.



Mr. Ghahremani has also hosted sizeable cultural celebrations including the Persian New Year and Harvest Festivals (Mehregan) in Southern and Northern California and has also co-hosted the Sunday Morning Show on 670 AM KIRN for 7 years where he had the privilege of interviewing many prominent members of the community.

Mr. Ghahremani’s success in event production is founded on his solid background in business and finance. His programs are well planned, organized, and fiscally sound. As an entrepreneur, Rotarian and past Board Member of the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Ghahremani builds strong, working relationships with other prominent community leaders to successfully market his events and generate broad support.